About Us

dinner in tuscany

We love to travel. Put us on any plane and we’re giddy with excitement. But to us, traveling is so much more than hotels, restaurants and tours. It’s about really digging into the culture, about meeting people and understanding a place. We want to learn it all…What makes a city unique? How did its history contribute to and form its current culture? Who are the heroes in a community? And who do the people love to hate? What are their traditions and pastimes?

At Iconic Apps, we explain a place through the elements of culture: arts, history, daily life, government, economy, social groups, language and religion, with an emphasis on pop culture. And we present it filtered through the eyes of locals who have lived in a community for decades, we hope with a bit of humor and some attitude.

We’re starting at home, the place we know best, but will be expanding to other cities soon. Hop on up and ride along with us!

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